revenue increase YoY


for ‘electric pool heater’


new user increase over 3 years

Aim: Drive online sales by increasing
digital presence in search engine results.

Synchronised Paid Search and SEO

With over 40 years experience in the industry, 1st Direct Pools is the one of the UK’s largest online pool supply providers. They sought out our digital expertise a couple of years ago to assist with an overarching goal: increasing online sales by improving their digital footprint in search results.

average revenue growth
over 3 years


1st Direct Pools wanted to maximise their exposure to new audiences. A concurrent Google ads strategy, synced nicely with the SEO schedule of works and identified trends, allowed us to ensure 1st Direct Pools were always visible in the right place, at the right time.

We were able to drive targeted, relevant traffic to their website with almost immediate effect, with a focus on pushing their high-margin products through a combination of shopping and search ads.


YoY revenue increase
from Google ads


With previous access to search data, we were able to establish a schedule of seasonal trends and spikes in search traffic. From here we devised a strategy of priority onsite and tech optimisations throughout the year for relevant target terms, as well as capitalising on new opportunities for visibility in search.

Making a splash
in search

keywords in top 3 as
of September 2023

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