Our Paid Search Marketing Services

Ducard’s expert paid team will work closely with you to develop a thorough paid advertising strategy that is suited to your business.

When crafting paid campaigns, we undertake in-depth audience and keyword research so your ads get seen online and attract potential converters to click. 

After ads are built, performance is closely monitored to ensure they are running successfully and are properly optimised with your goals in mind. 

Continued analysis allows us to make sure we can tailor future campaigns, target the correct search terms, connect with the right people and rapidly deliver results.

SEARCHProducts and services in front of the right audience.

Paid Search Marketing


Want to get your product or service in front of an audience with a pre-established interest or intent? Search Ads might be for you! Our experienced team can research and target relevant keywords and ensure your site displays for those terms.

What’s our goal?  To make sure the site visit is worth more to your business than the cost of the campaign.

DISPLAYYour brand infront of a converting audience.

Paid Display


Chances are, you’ve come across display ads while browsing on the internet – they’re visual banner ads that are shown across Google services, as well as other supported websites and apps.   

With their prominent placement, they are very hard to overlook, making them an invaluable tool in your marketing plan. Our team will craft each ad using eye-catching images and engaging text to help build awareness and secure those clicks. 

You can target both existing or prospective audiences based on interests, demographics and search activity, which allows you to deliver your brand message, product or service to a converting audience. 

SHOPPINGPresent your products to users with a high intent.

Paid Shopping


Google Shopping and eCommerce websites are a dreamy match. Users are presented with a carousel of products following a Google search which directs them straight to the product page on the website or, to make things even easier, allows them to purchase directly through the Google service they’re using. 

Shopping ads allow you to present your products to users with a high intent – they know what they’re looking for. When we create the ads, they are optimised with all the relevant information, ensuring high click-through rate and conversions.

REMARKETINGReminders for customers to complete transactions.

Paid Remarketing


Remarketing allows you to target website visitors who have previously visited the site. A remarketing code is added to the website, which collects cookies on site visitors and allows them to receive remarketing ads. 

The ads can be customised to target users who have completed a specific action on the site, such as basket abandonment or those who visited a product category page. 

A remarketing ad is a reminder to those website visitors who have previously engaged with your brand, service or product, encouraging them to complete the action that they didn’t get around to during their first visit.