Our Search Engine Optimisation Services

Ducard’s knowledgeable SEO team will work with you to establish a tailored campaign designed to improve your rankings, drive traffic and boost conversions.

When you invest in quality SEO, you can also provide a better on-site experience for your customers, strengthening your brand in the long run.

As search engines grow and change, so too do SEO best practices, so we are always adapting our strategy to suit your needs and Google’s requirements. 

Equipped with valuable industry knowledge, our SEO team will use a number of effective, results-driven methods to help you reach your goals.

TECH SEOCreate advantageous organic ranking.

Tech SEO


When your website displays particular technical attributes which allow the search engine to effectively read the site, it is rewarded with an advantageous organic ranking. 

By using tech SEO, we ensure your website meets the criteria of the search engine algorithms, making it easier for the robots to crawl and understand the purpose of the site. 

To create a technically sound website, we establish a site structure and indexing plan tailored to your business. 

We then use data from SEO software, Google Search Console and Analytics to make informed server-side website changes which ensure the right visibility and rankings for your pages.

ON-PAGE SEOBuild your search relevance to stand out from the crowd.

On-Page SEO


The aim of the on-page work conducted on the site is to build page relevance to specific search queries (keyword/s) while keeping the search engine crawler and the user in mind. On-page SEO gives the crawl robot a clear indication of the page’s purpose and relevance, while also presenting quality and applicable content for the human visitor. 

We’re user-centric with the technical knowledge and practices that are needed for delivering a web page suitable for a human, as well as a robot. 

We look at a variety of factors, including meta, H tags, keywords, unique content and more, to give your site the best chance of securing that click!

CONTENTOne of the pillars of a successful SEO campaign.



Useful, relevant and unique content is one of the pillars of a successful SEO campaign. From product and category copy to collection pages and blogs, it’s essential in helping to build search query (keyword/s) relevance on your site. 

Our expert team of writers build a content strategy that is user-focused but will also deliver the results you’re aiming for in search engine rankings. With detailed targeting and in-depth research, we tell your story in a visually appealing way that encourages engagement or emotion from the reader.

LINK BUILDINGBoost your ranking position with hight quality backlinks.

Link Building


Receiving high-quality inbound backlinks to your website is an incredibly valuable method of boosting organic search engine ranking positions, as well as increasing traffic and brand exposure. When more websites refer users to your website through linking, search engines place more relevance and trust on the information you’re providing to the user.

We reach out to or respond to requests from journalists, as well as contact industry-specific sites on our client’s behalf to find backlink opportunities. Alongside this, we create compelling, data-driven content designed to generate linking opportunities.