Our Campaign Services

Ducard’s knowledgeable campaigns team will work with you to establish tailor-made campaigns designed to improve brand awareness, drive traffic and boost conversions.

We will spread the message far and wide about the exciting campaigns you have coming up, with our team of in-house PR specialists and extensive journalist database.

We work with clients of all shapes and sizes to identify and activate their social purpose and potential. 

Equipped with valuable industry knowledge and creative thinking, our campaigns team will use a range of effective, results-driven methods to help you reach your goals.

BRANDED PREssential tools for building industry presence.

Branded PR Campaigns


Public relations is an essential tool for building industry presence. Branded PR targets national and industry-specific media to shape perceptions, build brand awareness and increase digital presence. 

Whether you are a small brand looking to get your name out there, or a more established brand looking to reach your aims, public relations is a key step to get you there. Being backed by a trustworthy news source will create a positive image of your brand and boost credibility within your industry. Ultimately, a positive brand image will help increase sales and grow your site with backlinks.   

CREATIVE CAMPAIGNSTell your consumer who you really are.

Creative Campaigns


We want to create campaigns that tell your consumer who you really are, not just what you do. Creative campaigns are a marketing solution that allows you to communicate with your existing target audience and reach new demographics, shaping brand perception. Captivating and memorable, creative campaigns will amplify your brand identity. 

Whether it’s a topical social media series or an eye-catching installation, we’re here to get your message across in the most engaging way possible. Successful creative campaigns have the power to stir up emotions and stick in consumers’ minds, influencing their buying decisions, directly or indirectly.

CONTENT CAMPAIGNSContent articles designed to make headlines.

Content Campaigns


Our article-based content campaigns are designed to make headlines in relevant national, regional and industry titles. The strategy behind the content campaigns is to create engaging and informative content which can support journalists’ upcoming features.

We create original and tailor-made pieces of content for our clients, which are supported by research-led data conducted in-house or by a third party. Each content campaign has consumer insights at its core, covering current topics, trends, and consumer attitudes. Paired with a catchy headline, these campaigns are sure to capture both journalists’ and consumers’ attention. 

EVENTS & ACTIVATIONSPeople will never forget how you made them feel.

Events & Activations


As the famous Maya Angelou quote says, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Hosting physical and digital brand activations with an experiential focus makes your brand memorable and unique. 

These activations are specific campaigns or events designed to generate brand awareness and interactivity with your audience. From tradeshows to pop-up shops, a PR event is your brand’s opportunity to capture your attendees’ attention. Not all events have to be in-person, whether it’s an online panel talk or a virtual workshop, social media is a stage for a plethora of marketing activities.