Industville Case Study


Industville is one of the UK’s leading retailers in modern and vintage style industrial lighting. We helped Industville to develop their own tone of voice and style across their website and social media platforms, increasing brand awareness and engagement.


We helped Industville to challenge the previous market leaders in their industry and ultimately establish themselves as a key player in the UK’s lighting space. Strong brand presence through organic search and social media campaigns has allowed us to position Industville as a thought leader in lighting and interior design.

Continued Growth

Industville has seen a continued trajectory of growth over the past four years, with organic traffic performing consistently well despite uncertainty and changes in the market due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Valued Customers

Search ranking positions have also seen continued improvement over the past four years, allowing us to capitalise on increased search demand during lockdowns in 2020. Social media work has also allowed us to stay in touch with Industville’s customers during uncertain times, keeping a two-way dialogue open to ensure customers feel valued and listened to.