Havana House


Havana House is a UK-based cigar merchant operating from their online store and eight shops across the country. As well as stocking a wide range of cigars from around the world, Havana House also offers a selection of cigar accessories, pipes, whiskies and shaving products. We have been working with Havana House since November 2015.

Ducard Approach

Through a combined search strategy, Havana House gained visability for medium to long tail terms relevant to their industry. This involved onsite optimisations and a content strategy tailtored to their business and with maximum coverage of our content. Using a range of content types we began to see quick improvements to their organic traffic, being primarily driven by the blog.

Content Connoisseurs

n-depth market research was conducted to enable us to write unique landing page content, free from plagerism and optimised for search. The title tags and meta descriptions were also optimised for best performance within SERPs


Havana House has seen continued year over year results, establishing themselves firmly as one of the market leaders in their industry thanks to brand presense through organic search.

Smoking SEO

Content continues to be at the core of their strategy, with their blog acting as an rivalled repository of information on their industry. Brand awareness work has also been extended to social media as we look to partner with a range of influencers that can help to increase their audience.