Babease Case Study


Babease are an organic, veg-led baby food brand with an ethos for transparency and sustainability. While these are unique USP’s, the baby food market is well known for its saturation, therefore we knew we needed to do something special to make Babease stand out.


Utilising all areas of digital marketing, our campaign with Babease has centred around creating a voice of trust and authority in the weaning market. Conducting market research to identify the questions are most important to their customers, we’ve worked alongside their nutrition experts to create social media and blog content campaigns providing engaging advice and answers.

Nurturing a Community

A campaign is nothing without followers. Helping Babease find their voice in a crowded room, we’ve created standout campaigns that have captured their audience and built a community that identifies and engages with the brand.

Retailer Awareness

With heightened awareness for the brand and their ethos, the next important step is making sure consumers pick the products off the shelves. Keeping sales up with major retailers is key and we have helped to promote these digitally through social media marketing.