8 Types of Interactive Content

Are you hoping to drive engagement? Or would you like to trial posting something a little different to the usual content-types you opt for? If the answer is yes, then, interactive content might be for you!

Known to increase click-through rates and encourage engagement from your audience, interactive content can be used as a way to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge on a particular subject, and there are several fun and visually appealing ways to do it!

Despite taking longer, and sometimes costing slightly more, the value interactive content offers often far outweighs the initial investment.


The Benefits

The primary benefits of interactive content include increased audience engagement and the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into your target market.

If you’re considering adding interactive content to your plan and are wondering where to start, we’ve covered a few of the basics to help you on your journey!

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Infographics can be used to present large amounts of data or information in a more visually appealing way.

Seize Your Readers Attention

Whether it’s some key statistics from a recent survey or an industry-relevant PDF with some insightful data, pull out the points that you think are most relevant and present it in a way that seizes your reader’s attention.

Visuals are More Easily Processed

It’s likely not new news to you that visuals are more easily processed when compared to large bulks of text which is part of the reason why infographics are one of the highest performing content types.

Easily digested, understood, and for many people, remembered, they’re a fantastic implement in the content toolbox.

A person using a smart tablet.

Infographic Example

Innocent Drinks created a veg growing cheat sheet, which gives the user information on when to plant, companion vegetables, those suitable for a plot or patio, care tips, and SO much more!

It’s a go-to for those green-fingers.

Interactive Infographics

Going one-step further, interactive content offers pop-ups and click-throughs. They require an action from the user; in most cases, this is a simple click or a scroll which then presents the user with further information.

They’re great if the content uses more than one source or has information that could be difficult to digest without further explanation.

Interactive Infographic Example

National Geographic has created a great infographic that shows the New York city skyline.

What does the user get?

• 360 view of some of the buildings
• Height of each
• Year they were built
• Number that are under construction or proposed.

There’s a wealth of information available, and it’s presented in a clear, concise and exciting way, and all the user is required to do is scroll.

Polls and Surveys

Looking to gain feedback from your audience, or collect data from your target market? A poll or survey can be a fantastic way to do it!

They’re Fun and Easy to Interact With

From the audience’s point of view, they can be a fun, and easy way to interact with a brand that they already have an established interest in. For the business, they’re a cost-effective and straightforward way of gaining a better understanding of your customers.

What is a Poll?

Typically, a poll entails just one, multiple-choice question.

There are fewer easier ways for the user to interact with your brand than by entering a poll. On a website, they are typically understated, appearing at the bottom of the page or on a pop-up. A poll can also be created on Facebook or Twitter.

An example of a Facebook poll.

What is a Survey?

Surveys are the more complex of the two, and because there are more questions, the time it takes the user to complete is much greater.


A medium that is continually on the rise and showing little sign of slowing down is video content. Providing some of the highest engagement and reach rates, it’s no surprise that it is becoming an integral part of so many marketing plans.

The YouTube logo.

Interactive Video

Videos with an added click-through. An interactive video could take the user to a relevant landing page, quiz, subscription, hotspot or related video, to name just a few.

Freedom of Design

They provide businesses with the opportunity to express their brand message in a way that is unique to them. The freedom for design is unparalleled to the other content forms, and what makes them even more appealing, is that users absolutely love this easy to consume content.

Interactive Video Example

In 2018, BBC Scotland produced a beautiful interactive video on Scotland from the Sky: Glen Coe. Users can get a 360 view of the stunning valley by clicking and dragging in the moving image. As well as this, along the journey, facts about the ancient volcano and the surrounding area are revealed.


Useful for generating leads and in some cases, even sales, a calculator is used when there’s a need for specific information and data. It’s a tool and a very useful one at that! It requires very little input from the user but can give them exactly the information that they need in a matter of minutes.

It can be used as an alternative to a product description, or even a consultation!

For example, a company that sells kitchen-refurb products could create a cost-calculator. The user could input the measurements of their kitchen and the products they are interested in, and an estimate of the price could be calculated for them, all without picking up a phone and talking to an advisor.


Also known as ‘personality tests’, an assessment requires input from the user in the form of answering questions, they then receive an insight or overview which is based upon their responses.

It can be a fantastic way to gain an in-depth overview of the user, at any stage of the buying journey, and it also provides those who complete them, with high-quality feedback – a win-win.

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