Tips for Working at Home

Sadly, a virus called COVID-19 is making its way around the world and causing people to fall very ill and at times, passing away. So, the UK government has advised people to work from home, where possible, to remain safe and avoid transmitting the virus further.

As the team here at Ducard are all working remotely from home during this time, we thought we would share some of our home office tips! Whether you are working remotely because of COVID-19 or you always work from home, we hope that these tips can help you remain productive and focused.

Chloe’s Tip

To help me focus, I take myself away from all distractions and have set up a workspace in my bedroom at my dressing table; when you have nothing around you, it is easier to concentrate on the work at hand.

I also think it is important to start your day by writing a to-do list to ensure that you know what you have to get done for the day. I think the best way to boost productivity is to definitely have a dedicated workstation, sitting in front of the TV or around your family is no good as you will get distracted!

Megan’s Tip

I keep myself motivated by switching up where I’m working to give myself a change in scenery. A lunchtime walk also helps me to remain focused in the afternoon and a great way to boost my mental health.

Home office set up with a laptop

Will’s Tip

When working from home, I’ve noticed that it can be challenging to keep focused on the task at hand for hours on end the same way you might in an office setting. To ensure you’re still productive, it can help to break the working day into smaller segments, such as two-hour blocks.

Force yourself to focus on a particular task or tasks in each block of time. Once that block is over, allow yourself five or ten minutes to relax and refocus. You might not be able to achieve the same level of productivity you would in the office, but this way, you can still ensure your work is done to the same standard.

Kim’s Tip

Keep to a regular routine, don’t get up ten minutes before you start. Have a shower, get dressed and don’t work in your pyjamas! Move somewhere which you don’t usually spend time when you’re at home, so you can ‘leave’ at the end of the day!

A person doing yoga

Amy’s Tip

I once read a thing that said it is best to work in sections of 20 minutes and then have a little break because it will keep you on track and keep procrastination to a minimum. Make sure you stick to it and work to a time limit that works for you, so half an hour or 15 minutes, whichever works best for you personally.

Also, I think having a drink next to you while you work is a must as it stops you getting up and roaming around the house and becoming distracted really easily, like going to the fridge repeatedly to find some snacks!

Shauna’s Tip

I can often find being stuck in the house all day a little disheartening and boring. So, to try and bring my spirits up, I put on some films in the background; often Disney! It keeps me happy, and I can still concentrate as I only put on films that I have seen like a million times.

Also, I find it important, like Kim said, to get out of my pyjamas. If I stay in my pyjamas, I start to feel like a slob, and it can cause me to fall into a bit of a slump of being unproductive. So, the first thing I do is start my day right by making my bed, getting dressed and heading downstairs to work.

A home office set up with Disney films in the background

Ellie’s Tip

When working from home, spend part, if not all, of your lunch break outside, especially when the weather is nice. It’s important to get some fresh air, and a change of scene is likely to refresh you for the afternoon.

When you’re working from home, it is easy to become cooped-up, so be sure to stretch your legs with a walk around the garden or a quiet local area. If you can’t go for a walk, then just sitting outside on your porch or patio to eat your lunch is good, as you’re still getting great benefits from being in the sunlight!

We hope that our tips help you to work from home efficiently. We know that it can be challenging to stay motivated, but hopefully, our tips can help you to stay focused!