5 Social Media Campaigns to Take Inspiration From

Knowing the best ways to reach and engage your audience is integral to a successful social media campaign. With a phone in everyone’s hand, there’s no way social media marketing is going away any time soon.

The sheer amount of online content that’s out there can be overwhelming, and you may not know where to start when it comes to forming an effective campaign for your brand.

Here are five great campaigns that make the best of social media for you to draw inspiration from.

#Spotify Wrapped

The music streaming service Spotify holds a yearly campaign in which they compile customers’ listening statistics into easily digestible graphics that can be shared over multiple social media platforms.

What would the world be without music… and stats?

The categories reveal which artists, songs and genres have been your most played. To compare tastes and time spent on Spotify, people love sharing these statistics with friends and followers across Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Engagement with this annual campaign is always massive!


In 2019 Adobe and Pantone teamed up to create a multi-channel campaign that encouraged customers, designers and artists to engage with the brands and their mission to raise awareness about the destruction of the coral reef.

What can Instagram do for the coral reef?

The hashtag challenged people to use three Pantone designated colours to create (and post) something relating to the coral reef crisis. Crafting a challenge that encourages creativity and social awareness is an excellent way to directly engage with your audience while also having the potential to reach new individuals.


The Casper Sleep Channel

These mattress providers are experts at multi-channel marketing and using all the tools they have to hand. As well as utilising the usual platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, Casper have branched out into Spotify and YouTube to expand their brand.

Can you combine social media and sleep?

The Casper Sleep Channel provides podcasts and video posts that contain relaxing music and sounds to help listeners fall asleep. With this new addition to their online output, Casper proves just how well they understand what their customers are looking for and the kind of content that will solidify their brand’s image.


This home décor and furniture company use Instagram to its fullest potential. By using the shopping feature, Wayfair can tag the items in their Instagram photos with prices and links to the pieces in question.

Social media and shopping… a match made in heaven!

These posts are less intrusive than paid advertisements and focus on showcasing the products with beautiful photography to liven up your feed. This is a great way to redirect shoppers to the Wayfair site and increase traffic in just a few steps.


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This campaign is a wonderful example of the ways in which social media trends can be hijacked to expand a brand’s reach and elevate their relevance.

Waffling on about Stranger Things!

When Eggo waffles were seen on massively successful Netflix series Stranger Things, the Kellogg brand jumped on the show’s popularity and infiltrated the Stranger Things hashtag on Twitter.

They used references and images from the show to reach its large audience and associate the brand with the series even more.

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