Office Dog – Yay or Nay?

While it may be a no brainer for some to have the addition of cute fluffy pup in the office, others may find the idea a little less appealing. If you are considering the idea of getting an office dog, it is important that the decision is well thought out beforehand.

Things to Consider Before Getting an Office Dog

Before making any decisions, it is vital that you contact everyone in your office and approach the idea of getting an office dog. See if everyone is happy and whether or not it could cause some serious problems.

Check if Your Team Have Any Allergies

If one of your team members suffers from severe allergies, unfortunately, getting an office dog won’t be a practical idea.

Check if Anyone in Your Team is Scared of Dogs

While most people think that dogs are cute and adorable, some do have genuine fears, so this is another factor that should be taken into consideration beforehand.

The Breed of Dog You Get

You might have an undying for Great Danes but realistically, having a dog of that size in an office space is just impractical. Consider breeds of dogs that require minimal maintenance and won’t take up too much space. conducted a survey and found that the following pups were the most popular in offices:

Infographic on Top Office Dog Breeds

What are the Advantages of Having an Office Dog?

If you are looking to improve the atmosphere in the office, then getting a four-legged resident could be the answer!

Boost Office Morale

Sometimes the office can become a little mundane, lifeless and drab, so why not liven it up with a puppy? Having a dog in the office can instantly boost morale and improve the overall mood. Let’s say you’ve just come out of a stressful meeting, what better greeting than a cuddle with a dog?

Healthier Office Lifestyle

As dogs will require trips outside to do their business and stretch their legs, it also means that employees can get some fresh air and a moment away from their desks. Offering your employees the chance to get some exercise in the day can improve the work balance, mood and energy levels.


Dogs have a special kind of charm that can bring people together, so they are a fantastic addition to an office. As they provide a sense of ease, they can help people to come out of their comfort zones and socialise more with their team.

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Improves Mental Health

Many studies have shown that dogs can help with reducing stress and anxiety, so having a pup in the office could be a perfect addition. As they can help to create a comfortable and relaxed working environment, dogs can assist with balancing any tension in the office.

Darty in the Ducard office

What are the Disadvantages of Having an Office Dog?

While all of that sounds great, it is important to consider the downside of getting a dog in the workplace.


Perhaps a noticeable downfall to getting a dog is that it will likely distract the workforce, especially when it is first introduced to the team. Whether it is the excitement of having a pup or the dog running wild around the office, it is likely they will cause disruption.

Toilet Time

While it is nice to have the opportunity to remove yourself from the office every now and then, having to take the dog out frequently for a toilet break could become time-consuming.

Especially when they are puppies and are still in the toilet training phase, it can be proven tricky to manage toilet times. In addition to this, if your office is based in a block and you are near the top, you’ll need to consider bringing the dog through the building using stairs or a lift.


As mentioned earlier, if you have staff members that are allergic to dogs, you’ll find yourself in a spot of bother. Also, if you are looking to recruit new team members, they will have to take into consideration the fact that a dog is in the office.

Dog Hair

While a lot of offices have a resident cleaner, having dog hair around the workplace can becoming annoying and look unprofessional. It is likely that you’ll be required to do additional cleaning on top of what your cleaner already does, to ensure that it remains spotless.

A black cocker spaniel called Luna

Overall, it is important to consult your team on the idea of getting a dog and take on board the general consensus. There is no right or wrong answer as such because the benefits and negatives will only apply to certain scenarios. Here at Ducard, we like to invite our team’s four-legged friends into the office every now and then as a little treat!

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