How to Use Google Ads

If you want to advertise your business online, you need to be using Google Ads! With over 95% of the search engine market share and billions of searches every day, it’s the number one way to be found quickly by your potential customers.

But how do you create adverts on Google? As a leading web marketing agency, we’ve worked on countless PPC and Google Ad campaigns!

Below, we provide a quick introduction to creating your very own advert on the world’s biggest search engine!

What is Google Ads?

Initially known as Google AdWords, Google Ads is the search engine’s advertising platform. To see your adverts on Google Search, you need to create and manage them through Google Ads.

As with most online advertising nowadays, Google Ads runs through an auction-based, pay-per-click model. When advertising on Google Ads, you specify target search terms and set a monthly budget, which Google will use to show your advert in the most effective position relative to your spend and the term’s demand.

How to Create Google Ads

Creating an advert in Google Ads is really simple – the hard part is making it as effective as possible! Below, we run through the process:

  1. Set up your Google Ads account – Your Ads account will be tied to your Google Account.
  2. Create a new campaign – All Google Ads fall under ‘campaigns’, which can contain multiple adverts.
  3. Set your campaign goals – Whether you want more calls, store visits, website clicks or something else will dictate what kind of advert is created.
  4. Pick a region – Choose if you want your ad to appear locally, nationally or internationally.
  5. Create your advert – Create the taglines that you think will work best for your campaign.
  6. Set your budget – Google allows you to set any monthly budget you like, but note that if you spend too little for your market, you could achieve little to no results.
  7. Run your advert – You can monitor your advert’s performance over time and tweak it to improve your results.

How to Write Google Ads

Google will provide advice in most areas of your campaign (although we recommend always taking this with a pinch of salt), but one area that’s almost completely down to you is creating the advert itself.

Google Ads only allows 30 characters in your headline, so you need to maximise their effectiveness!

The first thing you should do is try to connect with your audience. Understand what they’re looking for and let that drive your ad copy.

Then, you should cut down on fluff and make your ad copy as relevant as possible. Providing up-to-date copy (such as including the month or year where relevant) can help boost potential customers’ confidence in your ad, prompting them to click on it.

Finally, you need to keep testing different text copies. Unless you’re a complete whizz, it’s unlikely that your first ad will be your best, so experiment with different tags to see if something hits!

Our Tips for Making Google Ads Work Effectively

Check out our top tips for making your Google adverts a success!

  • Understand the end goal – Don’t create ads with vague ambitions in mind. Be certain about what results you want to see and when, as this will help drive targeted campaigns from the start. If you have two goals, make two separate campaigns.
  • Be thorough – Google offers an express set up option, which you should NEVER do! Understand what you want to achieve and take the time to tailor your ad to perfectly match those goals. Your wallet will thank you.
  • Use negative keywords – Google allows you to point out search terms for which you don’t want to appear. Use this to ensure you’re reaching the right audience.
  • Polish your website – Google creates a Quality Score for its ads, and the website you’re linking to will play a part in that score. Make sure you’re sending visitors to somewhere useful, otherwise you’ll find your ad spend isn’t producing what you want.
  • Analyse – Once you’ve created your ad, don’t just let it run ad infinitum. Keep an eye on your advert and continue tweaking it to make sure you get the best possible results.

We know that there’s a lot that goes into making Google Ads that deliver great results. That’s why we have a team of trained professionals that refine our client’s adverts every day!

If you are interested in finding out how we could help you achieve your business goals, why not get in touch with us today? We would be happy to show you how we deliver great results for all manner of companies and campaigns.