How Does Social Media Boost Your SEO Campaign?

If you want to be found online, then you need an SEO strategy. When used as part of a complete digital marketing campaign, SEO is one of the most effective ways of putting yourself in front of your potential customers.

Another hugely important aspect of digital marketing is social media. As social channels continue to grow, they present even more opportunities to reach and engage your business’ audience.

While SEO and social media are distinct strategies, they can both influence each other and direct towards the same end goals for your company. Here, we look at just some of the ways you can use social media to boost your SEO.

Drive Your Traffic

First of all, it’s important to stress that there’s no direct correlation between social media performance and SEO ranking. Having one million Instagram followers is not going to make you number one for your keywords on Google!

However, there are many ways in which social media performance can produce a knock-on effect for your SEO campaign. The most significant way this happens is by driving traffic into your website.

A good SEO campaign relies on good traffic reaching and interacting with your website. Good social media will often try to achieve similar results. By creating content that sends your engaged social audience into your website, you’ll be increasing your site’s performance.

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Rank Your Social Pages

Ranking on search engines can be a challenge. Social media platforms offer an extra chance to get your brand found online, which can then lead to knock-on effects for your website.

If you search a company or brand on Google, you’ll likely find their website at the top of the results. However, you might also see on the first page all of their social media accounts.

If your social media accounts are optimised to include generic search terms (clothing, electricians, car showroom etc.), then having a strong social presence can help you get found by people searching relevant queries. These results will help boost your social media following, which can then feed into the website and improved SEO.

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Rank Your Social Posts!

Similar to the point above, it can be possible to rank individual social posts in search engines. This phenomenon predominantly occurs through Pinterest, where your posts can appear in relevant image searches.

Ranking for your social posts will not directly improve your website’s SEO. However, as with other points, this can help to improve the overall reach of your company. A larger social audience can then filter through into more website traffic and improved SEO performance.

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Build Authority and Backlinks

Authority is one of many buzzwords used frequently in SEO and can mean different things depending on the context. SEO authority usually translates to a number that can determine where you rank in search engines. However, in social media, authority simply refers to being a recognised leader in your industry.

Social media is one of the best ways to build an engaged audience that respects your industry expertise. Once this has been established, it can also translate into SEO authority, as people will start to link to your website when producing content about your industry. These natural backlinks are a vital part of SEO and will work wonders for your rankings!

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Ultimately, while there is no direct link between social media and SEO, a rounded digital marketing strategy is the most effective way to deliver good search engine performance and overall online results.

Here at Ducard, we are more than just a social media marketing agency. We offer a complete digital marketing package, including bespoke content, social media, technical SEO and PPC. If you would like to know how we could help you, why not speak to one of our friendly team today?