How to Create Effective Ad Copy For a PPC Campaign

Advertisements, digital or otherwise, are extremely important. Businesses need them to reach out to their consumers as a means of communication. These are often the brand’s chance to make an impression, introduce itself and motivate purchases or enquiries.

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What is a PPC Campaign?

Before creating the perfect PPC campaign, it’s important to have some sort of understanding of what a PPC campaign is.

A PPC is a pay-per-click internet advertising model. The model works by driving traffic to your chosen website. The advertiser will pay the publisher of the advert for each time the advertisement is clicked.

The strategy differs from earning organic traffic as the ad is purposefully positioned on search engines and is paid for to entice clicks, as opposed to earning authority for the search engine to increase your ranking position.

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Types of Ads

There are various types of ads you can use for your PPC campaign. We are going to list some that your company can use.

Text Ads

These will show both above and below the search engines search results. The ad is made of three components: a headline text, display URL and description text.

Extended Text Ads

Extended text ads are similar to text ads but with a few differences that will give you more control over your ad copy. These include:

• Three headline fields as opposed to two
• 90-Character description fields
• The domain of the display URL is based on the final URL domain
• The display URL can include two “path” fields
• They are mobile optimised

Responsive Search Ads

Responsive ads will automatically adapt their size, appearance and format to fit available ad spaces. This works by you creating 15 headlines and 4 descriptions that Google will test over time and prioritise the best performing combinations.

The ad will also be adapted to match potential search terms which can improve the performance of the campaign.

Key features and benefits include:

• The flexibility of the ad will expand your reach
• The ad can be tailored to your audience’s location, regular locations or locations of interest

How to Write Successful PPC Copy

A PPC advert is only as successful as its ability to obtain clicks and support sales. To do this you will need to create the perfect balance of using your creativity and applying your understanding of the mechanics behind PPC campaigns.


As the advert is a communication tool, it’s important to use the right language when conversing with your audience. The copy will need to be concise, relevant and grab the reader’s attention.

Incorporate relevant USP’s and keywords to support the placement and relevance of your PCP ad, as Google will use the copy and keywords to determine its placement.

The PPC ads will have a character limit, so every character counts. The limits are:

• 30 characters per headline
• 90 characters per description line
• 15 characters per path

Recommended practices

Here at Ducard, we have a few recommendations that will help you to create the most effective ad copy for your company.

• Utilise as much of the character limit as possible – this will allow you to take up as much of the ad space as possible
• Include the keyword in Headline 1 to ensure that the ad is relevant
• Use the brand’s name wherever possible
• Add CTAs to the headlines
• For extended text ads use the first description line to be informative, and the second description line for CTAs

Quality Score

Once you’ve created a PPC campaign you’ll want to know how effective it could be. To do this you’ll want to find out its quality score.

The quality score is an estimate of the quality and relevance of the ads, keywords and landing pages. It is used to determine the cost per click, the higher the quality of the ad the lower the cost, and the better, more relevant positions the ad will be placed in.

The score will be based from 1-10, a good score to aim for is above 7.7.

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