How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Business’ Coronavirus Recovery

In these uncertain times, you need to take advantage of all potential opportunities to grow your business. Success can feel harder to find right now, but it’s out there – you just need the right support to make it happen.

How Your Business Can Succeed During Coronavirus

Currently, the online market is experiencing the perfect storm for small businesses looking to grow:

  • More people are shopping online than ever before.
  • Consumers want to spend money with new businesses.
  • People are willing to research online to find the right company.

Think it sounds too good to be true? Think again!

How 2020 Has Changed Consumer Behaviour for Good

The coronavirus has led to a surge in online activity, presenting new opportunities for agile businesses. Research by McKinsey shows that, while overall consumer spending has declined since March 2020, online spending has grown across all sectors.

With the UK already experiencing increased online growth annually, there’s a sense that coronavirus will leave a permanent mark on how consumers purchase goods and services going forward.

If these trends stay into 2021 and beyond, it will become almost impossible for businesses to grow without a converting online presence.

Internet sales as a percentage of total sales graphic

Businesses with established websites and digital marketing strategies are already taking advantage of the new opportunities. If you aren’t, then you could be falling behind the competition.

Discover how we have improved the online revenues of companies across various industries in our case studies!

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A New Market

Not only is the amount of money being spent online increasing, but the way it’s being spent also provides hope for small businesses.

There has been a notable shift towards more conscious online shopping habits. According to McKinsey, 44% of UK people are more mindful of where they spend their money, and 18% are doing more research before making a purchase. 71% of UK shoppers have also tried a new retailer or brand since the lockdown began.

UK Shoppers Statistic

People are looking for value and convenience, and are willing to do research online to find the ideal product or service.

How Small Businesses Can Reach More Consumers Online

This combination of increased demand and more thoughtful behaviour presents the perfect opportunity for small businesses to grow their online revenue.

The only problem is that your competitors will be thinking the same thing.

In the face of fierce competition, a clear and focused strategy is more critical than ever.

For a business to reach this growing online audience, it’s essential that they have the expertise on hand to understand where their opportunities lie. A one-size-fits-all approach will not work when competing against major online providers.

Modern digital marketing is a lot more than just growing your online presence. Here at Ducard, we consider various avenues whenever creating a new campaign, analysing industries and target audiences to discover the perfect online channel to ensure you get a positive ROI.

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Search Engine Optimisation

White-hat SEO is all about growing your presence on search engines such as Google in a way that is organic and engaging to your audience.

3.5 billion searches are done on Google every day, and a growing number will be looking for new online businesses. With an intelligent, structured content campaign, we can help your business appear for the right search terms at the perfect time in the consumer’s purchase cycle.

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Social Media Marketing

The world of social media continues to expand, and so does its opportunities. According to Oberlo, there are 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, and 54% use social media to research products.

Social media is no longer just an opportunity to connect with your consumers. With a focused campaign, you can increase your audience and, most importantly, convert them into revenue for your business.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC is a hugely useful tool in these uncertain times, allowing you to reach people searching for specific terms online. However, without proper management, it can be an expensive method, eating into your potential ROI.

By enlisting the services of a dedicated digital marketing agency like Ducard, you can enjoy the benefits of a fully-optimised and focused campaign that delivers the highest levels of conversion and ROI possible.

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The Perfect Online Strategy for Uncertain Times

This year, it’s vital that every business is taking advantage of any opportunities presented to make more revenue and secure their long-term growth. However, many companies are struggling to decide on the right investments.

The opportunities being presented to small businesses online are too good to miss. By working with a digital marketing agency like Ducard, you can enjoy the experience and potential of a full marketing team in a manageable investment with guaranteed returns.