A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Shops

Social media is a must for those looking to grow their market share. Utilising social platforms effectively allows you to showcase your products or services at the centre of your consumer’s day-to-day activities, so why not set up shop on social media?

Facebook is constantly evolving – the social media platform is now offering new opportunities that can improve your conversion rates. By tapping into social media you will not only expand your reach and visibility but you’ll also create a much more seamless purchasing experience.

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What is Facebook Shopping

Facebook shopping allows you to set up a single online store that can connect you to customers on both Facebook and Instagram. Facebook Shops are free and simple to use, making them a useful and accessible tool for both big and small businesses.

Thanks to its dual platform usability, the Facebook shop service can be accessed from the business’ page on Facebook, its Instagram profile or features such as Facebook stories and ads. This will position your consumers only a couple of clicks away from purchasing your products.

This will also open up a new realm of word-of-mouth marketing. Consumers will be able to share your products and spread self-motivated testimonies in an instant, increasing your authority and visibility.

Facebook Shops also includes key communicative features, such as enabling direct messages to be sent from WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram Direct, so your customer service system can continue to support your consumers.

A mobile view of a Facebook home

Facebook Campaign Objectives

Not only can you set up shop on Facebook, but you can also expand your reach and steer traffic to your store using Facebook campaigns.

Facebook offers thirteen campaign objectives – each are broken down into three critical stages: awareness, consideration and conversion.

These stages are directly linked to the sales funnel. The sales funnel segregates key moments of the journey the consumer embarks on as they purchase a product or service.


Awareness is at the top of the sales funnel as it will introduce the customer to your company.

Awareness campaigns are perfect for gently checking in with audiences who aren’t entirely acquainted with your products or services. As these campaigns are at the top of the funnel you can usually expect these to cost less than consideration and conversion campaigns.


As consumers travel through the funnel and start to consider your product or service before purchasing, consideration campaigns will steer traffic toward product pages to increase the likelihood of them converting.

This can also be used to drive traffic to the company’s website to be tagged by the pixel, this will allow you to retarget them with social promotions in the future.


This is the stage where you want your audience to commit to purchasing one of your products or services. These campaigns should be targeted at consumers who are already aware of or are interested in your brand.

Conversion campaigns can be used to target previous visitors, general visitors, cart abandoners, subscribers and more. It is an especially useful tool to remind and invite them back to your webpage to purchase.

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