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Welcome to Ducard

Ducard is an agency which seeks to offer the solution to your digital marketing needs for many years to come. We specialise in SEO (search engine optimisation), using our expertise to attract more traffic to your website via both organic and paid search (PPC – pay per click). This is achieved not only through an optimisation of your site but also through an ongoing content marketing strategy, which also helps to establish your business as an authoritative brand in your sector. Our packages are completely tailored to the needs of your website, with our campaigns targeted at delivering you great results within a short timeframe. We cater for small and medium-sized businesses right through to larger corporations.

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The Importance of Quality Content on Your Website

How does content affect your websites rankings? Should you regularly update your website? And what should you update it with? Find out more in the article below:   Search Engines The text that is uploaded to a website is what informs a search engine what a website is about. Without text and keywords, the identification […]

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Business logging into their Facebook page

Why Your Business Needs Social Media

Social media is a hugely effective marketing communication platform that can be beneficial to your business in many ways. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat (it goes on) continue to increase in popularity and not just for individuals sharing memes, gifs and what they had for lunch. More and more, social media channels are […]

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Some of the Ducard team at BrightonSEO.

Our Time at Brighton SEO

Everyone is back in the office after a very busy weekend at Brighton last week. Whilst the half of the office that remained missed us dearly, the half that did go are only just recovering! BrightonSEO has been a little bit of whirlwind, full of innovative ideas, advantageous advice and a couple of work drinks […]

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Ducard at BrightonSEO

Ducard are Heading to Brighton!

Later on today, some of our team will be taking a trip to Brighton. However, this isn’t a trip to enjoy the beautiful city, but to, in fact, brush up on some knowledge at BrightonSEO.

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A womans outstretched arm looking at Instagram on her phone

Social Media: What to Look out for in 2018

The importance of having a cohesive branding and a solid social media strategy for your company is hugely beneficial. Increasing your brand’s authority through the regular and consistent use of your social channels allows your following to increase and improves your reputation. Extending your reach through social following allows your content to be distributed effectively, […]

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