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Ducard is an agency which seeks to offer the solution to your digital marketing needs for many years to come. We specialise in SEO (search engine optimisation), using our expertise to attract more traffic to your website via both organic and paid search (PPC – pay per click). This is achieved not only through an optimisation of your site but also through an ongoing content marketing strategy, which also helps to establish your business as an authoritative brand in your sector. Our packages are completely tailored to the needs of your website, with our campaigns targeted at delivering you great results within a short timeframe. We cater for small and medium-sized businesses right through to larger corporations.

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how do you have your eggs?

How do you have your eggs in the morning?

Food is a popular topic of conversation in the Ducard office, and almost every day there are discussions about the best biscuits for dunking in your tea, who would rather eat veg or meat for the rest of their life and the all-important question, what we are having for dinner that night.

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Appledore, North Devon

Why Living in North Devon is The Best

North Devon is home to beautiful beaches, picturesque towns and some of the best ice-cream in the world! Others may say that it is an inaccessible and boring for their liking, however we are here to change any sceptics minds about this beautiful part of the UK.

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people working together in an office

5 tips to help you make the most of your internship

Around 8 months ago, I started working at Ducard on a yearlong placement as part on my course at university. At first I was wary that taking a placement for my third year was maybe a mistake, it’s difficult to know what is the right thing to do at any time in your life. But […]

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A teamwork quote Ducard love to live by

Get inspired with these 11 motivational quotes

To the team at Ducard, little, if anything, is more vital to our success than the effective cohesion and unity we have that is created through teamwork. While there’s always someone smarter than you, or who has more drive than you, or passion, and even more ability, if you have the power to inspire and […]

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girl exploring Devon

10 things in North Devon to add to your bucket list in 2017

Whether you live in Devon, on the outskirts, or come from some far away land, Devon is a wonderful place, with an abundance of beautiful beaches, wild walks and fantastic foods. In the winter, some of us have a little bit of a hard time finding things to do, but this blog is here to […]

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